Some recent projects that I've worked on in my spare time.
  • pyPlotData for GEVA
    A data analysis tool for plotting and comparing experimental dat files generated by GEVA.

    A tool for reading and analysing dat files generated by GEVA written in Python using Matplotlib. Various statistics are generated from the data and can be plotted. Data labels are derived directly from the folder names.

  • The Results Are In!

    My entry was ranked first out of the three submitted! The languages used were C, Python and Haskell.

    A Tiny GA in C
    This was my entry for the third challenge in The Murphy Cup.

    The goal is to create the shortest possible (but still comprehendible) fixed length binary GA to solve the One-Max problem. The GA is required to use crossover (xo), reproduction and mutation as genetic operators and fitness proportionate selection to provide selection pressure.

  • Grammatical Evolution in C (CGE)
    An implementation of grammatical evolution in C (work in progress).
  • Gen Viewer
    My submission to the VizGEC competition at GECCO 2012, Dublin.

    A generational visualisation tool used to examine the diversity of different traits within the population during a GEVA run.

  • URLShortener
    A simple PHP/MySQL url shortener for personal use.





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